Beauty in Touch with the Seasons

We grow one-of-a-kind cut flowers for our seasonally focused wedding work, with select blooms grown just for our wedding clients. The natural beauty of the changing seasons, informs our thoughtful design sensibilities. Each piece we create is lush with florals we have cultivated with our hearts and our hands, creating a wonderful sense of beauty and place, for your very special day.



Spring marks the start of the season with bright, budding branches, vibrant greens, flowering bulbs and early season flowers that are awakened with warming temperatures and longer days. Color palettes are soft, yet vibrant in hues of whites, yellows, pinks, and blues. Typical early season flowers include tulips, daffodils, anemone, lilacs, flowering branches, peonies and more.



In high summer we are gifted with the most bounty of the season. Our fields are exploding in an array of colors and textures to brighten and expand the variety of available blooms. Summer color palettes have much to offer and are heralded for more deep colors and vibrant tones. Typical summer blooming flowers include lisianthus, zinnias, scabiosa, celosia, cosmos, dahlias, foliages and more.



Our growing season ends with the last breath of summer cuts, cooling temperatures, and flowers, seed heads and foliages giving their final beautiful show. The autumn landscape truly inspires the floral colors of this season with fading hues, burnt brightness and rich tones. Typical autumn flowers include dahlias, amaranth, grasses, rudbeckias, chrysanthemums, strawflowers and more.