flower farm & design studio

Flower Shares

Ladyfern Flowers offers a variety of beautiful seasonal blooms running from May to October.  Great as a gift or just to treat yourself every week by bringing locally grown flowers in your home all season long!


Spring Bulb Share

After a long winter in Minnesota, we are over the moon when the spring flowering bulbs pop out of the ground! Our spring bulb share features unique varieties of flowering bulbs direct from our farm. Each week you receive a luscious bunch of beautiful, colorful spring florals, sign up to enjoy this limited, unique flower share.


Shares run weekly for 3 deliveries starting in May

Pick up location: Wednesdays after 3pm


Summer Flower Share

Summer flower shares is a bucket share featuring the best in bloom on the farm from June-August.  The shares are filled with focal flowers, filler flowers and greenery that is fresh, lush and beautiful.  This is perfect for those who want to get creative and do some of their own designs with a few arrangements for their space. Blooms do not come pre-arranged or designed, rather sold as loose stems in a re-usable bucket. Choose between 5 or 10 weeks.

 Pick up location: Wednesdays after 3pm

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Dahlia Share

Ladyfern Flowers & speciality dahlia growers Two Pony Gardens collaborate to bring you dahlia flower shares, with 4 weeks of unique, beautiful, farm fresh dahlias.  At Two Pony Gardens, host site of Ladyfern Flowers farm, we grow over 100 varieties of specialty dahlia varieties in many colors & forms.  Dahlias are a unique, seasonal cut flower only available locally from August through October frost, there are no flowers quite like it on the market which is why we are excited to bring these stunning flowers (we LOVE!) into your hands and home.  

Dates: August 14-September 4

Pick up location: Wednesdays after 3pm